What Five Acres Really Feels Like

March 17, 2021
March 17, 2021

What Five Acres Really Feels Like

Owning acreage is a dreamy possibility, but one that is within reach at Talking Rock, a private golf community in Prescott, Arizona. Spread across a rugged, untouched landscape, homesites offering acreage at Talking Rock capture stunning views of the nearby mountains while also harnessing the wild, elevated terrain of the area.

Talking Rock’s Sterling Ranch neighborhood, which offers the largest homesites within the community — each stretching to 2.5, 5, and just over 10 acres — allows owners to create a space that meets that dreamy vision they had of owning acreage. 

Acreage can be hard to envision, especially for people who have long lived in more urban areas. So, how big is five acres, actually? What kind of space is that?

A five-acre homesite, like the one available at 4553 W. Sterling Ranch Road, is equal to 217,800 square feet. Most times, five-acre parcels are measured in rectangles that run about 330 feet by 660 feet, and this homesite benefits from incorporating some of the area’s rolling terrain and rugged rock features.

If square footage is difficult to picture, consider city blocks. Five acres would easily overlay a couple of city blocks, which is part of the reason privacy is so easy to come by with this type of space.

And, if that is too challenging to picture, think about an average residential community. Five acres could allow for upwards of a dozen homes in a typical neighborhood.

Why five acres? It’s that midpoint at Sterling Ranch, sandwiched between the smallest homesites and the largest, offering a sweet spot of space against protected State Trust land that won’t ever be developed.

This homesite, in particular, priced at $368,000, is covered with natural vegetation and positioned in a spot that allows for nearby exploration and long views. Here, owners can work with the finest homebuilders in Prescott, Arizona to design and build a custom western retreat that captures the beauty of the area and maximizes harmony with the land.

And one of the best reasons to explore what life is like at Sterling Ranch is knowing it’s possible to own acreage while being part of a luxury community. Owners have access to solitude and social connection while enjoying Talking Rock’s premium amenities, from the championship golf course to the health and wellness services to the clubhouse, which acts as a social hub for community gatherings.

Acreage feels different at Talking Rock, by design. Learn how you can begin your journey towards owning a piece of the West.

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