Watering Holes to Visit this Summer

July 15, 2021
July 15, 2021

Watering Holes to Visit this Summer

No matter what direction you go opportunity for adventure is only miles away from Downtown Prescott. The following breathtaking bodies of water will spark any explorer’s interest.

A short ten-minute drive down Senator Highway and leads you to Goldwater Lake. Spend your afternoon nestled in the pines, canoeing 15 acres of beauty. Complete with hiking trails, a sand volleyball court, and horseshoe pits you won’t want to miss this local hotspot.

Seven miles north from downtown rests Willow lake, 400 acres of water envelope by the Granite Dells. Rent a kayak and explore the hidden caves and waterways, but keep an eye out for wild horses along the way. Or pack a picnic, sit shoreline, and take in the fresh air lake air.

Less than five miles from Willow Lake sits one of Prescott’s most Instagramable locations, Watson Lake. Take advantage of abundant fishing or paddleboard into the sunset. Beautifully complemented by the Granite Dells, you’ll want to remember your camera for this lake day.

In search of a secluded swimming hole?

Head an hour east of Prescott, just outside of Camp Verde to find Bull Pen Watering Hole. A five-mile dirt road followed by just under a mile hike leads to this refreshing hidden oasis. The sandy bottom pool offers gentle currents, a shallow beach entry, and excellent cliff jumping formations, creating the perfect location for a family-centered adventure.

Whether you prefer to be in the water, on a boat, or on the shoreline, we encourage you to experience Prescott’s beauty first hand.

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