Three Prescott Excursions For Winter

October 28, 2021
October 28, 2021

Three Prescott Excursions For Winter

Prescott is geographically part of Northern Arizona, but it enjoys this perfect position that keeps it from getting too hot in the summer and too frigid in the winter. With average high temperatures in the 50s from December through February, and the ever-present possibility of limited snowfall, Prescott is an ideal spot to appreciate just enough winter.

And for those with a Prescott retreat at Talking Rock, an exclusive golf community with luxury homes, it’s a wintertime sweet spot allowing you to experience the welcome novelties of the season without being bogged down by countless layers of clothes. 

Come winter, the picturesque landscape at Talking Rock changes a bit, along with the temperatures, offering up a fresh slate of outdoor excursions within the Prescott community or just outside what is known as one of the best small towns in Arizona. For anyone who doesn’t live in an area that experiences seasons, it’s easy to daydream ahead about winter possibilities. 

And for anyone considering the possibility of a winter Discovery Experience at Talking Rock, which allows guests to live like an owner for a couple of days — experiencing all of the community’s luxury amenities and learning about real estate opportunities — it’s a good idea to think ahead. Discovery Experiences at Talking Rock during the winter offers a different view of the community, for sure, and availability is limited.

An Arizona winter only lasts so long, afterall.

So, if you’re looking ahead, here are three enticing and festive excursions that could make any winter getaway to Prescott that much more enjoyable. 

Arizona Snowbowl. Prescott is only a two-hour drive from Flagstaff’s Arizona Snowbowl, one of the state’s two major skiing destinations. Once there, enjoy a traditional winter day by skiing, snowboarding, or just sipping hot cocoa and people-watching. There’s even an opportunity to pack a solid snowball if you’ve worn the right kind of gloves (Hint: not the knit ones that will get all soggy). 

Holiday festivities. If you time your winter visit to Prescott and Talking Rock just right, you can take part in the time-honored tradition of Prescott’s Courthouse lighting and holiday parade. The holiday lights strung across historic buildings and throughout a charming town square, especially when they’re set against a fresh dusting of snow, create a bit of seasonal magic that is hard to put into words. And if you’re here for New Year’s, head to Whiskey Row where there’s always something fun waiting around the next barstool. 

Trails. Cabin fever can get unruly in other parts of the country during the winter months, but in Arizona, it’s prime time for exploring trails. Prescott’s trail system, for hiking and biking, takes on a new look in the winter — as do trails just outside of town along nearby lakes and creeks. It’s also nice to hike or bike without breaking out in a sweat from the get-go. 

To reserve your winter Discovery Experience at Talking Rock before availability becomes too limited, use the link below.

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