The Real Deal: Sterling Ranch According to Owners

November 22, 2021
November 22, 2021

The Real Deal: Sterling Ranch According to Owners

Talking Rock, a private golf community in Prescott, Arizona, is one of those places where space is something that can actually be felt. Its location against protected state trust land in an area where the rugged landscape leads to mountain trails or lush valleys allows owners to feel an uncommon sense of freedom in an open, western expanse.

And at Sterling Ranch, a neighborhood within Talking Rock that offers homesites with acreage, that feeling is amplified. 

With homesites that offer 2.5, 5, and 10 acres of space, Sterling Ranch serves up a wealth of possibilities for owners looking for some latitude on how they are able to use their piece of the west. That kind of space is novel. 

Brian and Michelle Bennett, who purchased a parcel in 2019, are looking forward to the day that they can head east but still remain in the West, as they relocate from Southern California and experience a little more elbow room at Talking Rock. The couple is still in the design phase for the home they plan to build in Sterling Ranch, but the anticipation is growing for the new, open lifestyle they’ll experience within this luxury community.

They shared a few details with us about their Sterling Ranch journey. 


Q: When did you purchase your Sterling Ranch property? 

A: We purchased our lot in March of 2019.


Q: Where are you coming from?

A: We are still residents in Southern California but hope to be in Talking Rock soon!


Q: What size parcel did you purchase? 

A: 9.25 acres.


Q: What about Sterling Ranch was appealing to you? 

A: Large lots with less restrictions on building multiple structures and the ability to have animals.


Q: How do you plan to use the space? What will your property look like?

A: We’re still in the design phase. But, we plan to build a house, a casita, a large car barn, and shop, and have an animal barn.


Q: Are you able to compare Sterling Ranch to anything else? Any other community? 

A: No, Sterling Ranch is a one of a kind!


Q: What is your favorite part about Sterling Ranch? 

A: Open spaces and large lots backing up to state land.


Q: What do you enjoy doing most when you have free time? 

A: Exercise, golf, and everything else Northern Arizona has to offer.


One of the most appealing aspects of Sterling Ranch, besides the space it offers, is the opportunity it gives owners to connect — even with acreage. The neighborhood’s gathering place, The Post, provides a place for neighbors to get together, enjoy celebrations or simply take in a good bonfire under the stars. 

Beyond The Post, those living within Sterling Ranch are still part of the larger Talking Rock community, which hosts its own slate of social gatherings and events all year long. From golf tournaments to fundraisers and live music events, Talking Rock has a way of bringing neighbors together while also giving them opportunities to connect with the landscape around them. 

To learn more about Sterling Ranch and the opportunities it offers owners, contact our real estate team here. 

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