Kyle Ross

Executive Chef

At Talking Rock Ranch in Prescott, Arizona, Executive Chef Kyle Ross leads our kitchen, bringing a deep passion for cooking inherited from his Irish grandparents who were involved in the culinary industry. This early influence sparked his interest in cooking and set him on his career path.

In New Jersey, Ross immersed himself in the state’s lively culinary scene, working in upscale restaurants known for their French, Italian, and Mediterranean cuisine. This experience sharpened his culinary skills and his approach to personalized service. He developed a culinary style that honors his family’s legacy while incorporating a variety of flavors and techniques from his career.

At Talking Rock Ranch, Ross uses his background to create dining experiences that stand out for their quality. He is dedicated to continuous improvement and aims to make every dining experience better than the last. Ross says he is “striving to provide something better every day, one plate at a time,” showing his commitment to excellence and to the diverse culinary traditions that have influenced him.