Krystal Moody

Food & Beverage Director

With a robust career spanning over 20 years in the hospitality industry, Krystal has emerged as a leading figure, excelling in some of the most well-known restaurants across the United States. Her expertise lies in providing personalized guest services, where she has successfully managed a variety of high-profile events, large-scale gatherings, and exclusive residential communities. She is deeply passionate about developing her team, focusing on mentorship, and fostering a nurturing and positive work environment.

In 2019, Krystal returned to her roots in Prescott, with her beautiful daughter. They cherish their time together, often spending it exploring the natural beauty of the tri-city area’s lakes through activities like hiking and kayaking. Krystal is full of enthusiasm as she joins the Talking Rock team, bringing with her a blend of innovative ideas, a vibrant spirit, and a commitment to positively impact the community. Her goal is to create an engaging and memorable experience for all.