Deana Keck

Designated Broker & Sales Executive

Deana is a real estate and finance veteran with a lifetime of experience living and working in Flagstaff. As Designated Broker and Sales Executive at Symmetry Realty Brokerage, Deana oversees all sales executives and transactions for Pine Canyon in Flagstaff, AZ, and Talking Rock in Prescott, AZ.

Deana joined the Pine Canyon team in 2006, and quickly impressed company executives with her pleasing combination of hard work, keen intelligence, and first-hand knowledge about the surrounding Flagstaff area. As she moved up the corporate ladder, she established herself as an industry expert who is in tune with the changing desires of potential residents, and one who is instrumental in guiding the planning and development of new and updated products and amenities within Pine Canyon and Talking Rock.

A Flagstaff native and mother of four, Deana has a deep appreciation for family time, which often includes sideline-cheering at sporting events or embarking on outdoor activities that take advantage of the area’s beautiful, distinct seasons. As an Athena Award nominee in 2019, Deana contributes all of her success to the people that surround her, and she gets to mentor on a daily basis.