Carla Martinez

Coop’s Manager

Carla Martinez has been part of the Talking Rock family since 2016.  Carla oversees various aspects of the Coop’s General Store, including Pool Service during the summer months, food and Barista service, buying and selling Talking Rock logo apparel, and every other aspect of running a General Store.

Carla works diligently to create a comfortable and cozy environment for the Club members to enjoy a bite of food or a great cup of coffee, which is expertly prepared by a trained Barista and specifically made to their liking. Carla continues to seek trendy and unique product improvement of the services provided. Carla has served in different departments of the Talking Rock Club, where she gleaned knowledge, expectations and eventually grew into the role of Coop’s General Store manager.

Carla Martinez currently resides in Chino Valley Arizona with her family of two children and a dog named Koko.  Her hobbies consist of hiking, swimming, and being outdoors.