Talking Rock’s Natural Beauty is Easy To Celebrate

April 22, 2020
April 22, 2020

Talking Rock’s Natural Beauty is Easy To Celebrate

From spectacular sunsets to the early morning chatter of Prescott’s talkative birds, Earth Day is seemingly all around us at Talking Rock every day. It would be difficult not to appreciate the beauty the landscape offers, the exclusivity of natural moments experienced along trails, and the serenity of the area’s lakes and creeks.

Earth Day, celebrating its 50th anniversary, is a little bit different this year, though. Where community clean-ups and trail restoration projects usually fill calendars this time of year in celebration of environmental advocacy, we’re all in more of a wait-and-see, stay-at-home mode.

The outdoors, though, are still open. And being able to appreciate the abundant wildlife that roams the Prescott area is a unique advantage to living at Talking Rock.

Since the landscape does mix lower grassy areas with higher desert areas and even more mountainous terrain, we have an interesting variety of wildlife around us — including animals, birds, and plants that are either threatened or endangered.

While there are a number of suggested viewing areas tucked into different ranger districts within the Prescott National Forest, the best advice for wildlife viewing is to just go. Thumb Butte Trail, Granite Mountain Trail, Goldwater Lakes Trail, and Spruce Mountain Trail, none of them far from Talking Rock, are all rated as good trails for wildlife viewing.

Hike or bike to explore the area and it wouldn’t be surprising to come across a javelina, a coyote, a fox or a Gila monster. Pronghorn, mule deer, and elk have been known to congregate in the area and are most often spotted near dusk by a water source. And, be aware that bears, mountain lions, and the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake live in the Prescott area, although the rattlesnake prefers grassy areas to forest trails.

While out exploring, don’t forget to look up. Osprey and bald eagles frequent the area and when they do, they are a special sight. 

So, maybe this year Earth Day is celebrated by using very little electricity, very little gas and simply appreciating all the incredible, natural elements around us at Talking Rock. And, with all that is here, that’s easy.

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