Realtor Series: 8 Tips when Moving from California to Prescott

November 1, 2018
November 1, 2018

Realtor Series: 8 Tips when Moving from California to Prescott

8 Tips When Moving from California to Prescott

The number of Californians relocating to Prescott has increased dramatically the past three years. Likewise, Talking Rock has seen tremendous interest from out-of-state families in California and Colorado surrounding the new two- to 10-acre ranch sites at Sterling Ranch.

As part of our ongoing Realtor Tips series, we asked one of our expert realtors, Chad DeVries to share some tips from the Arizona Attorney General’s team to keep them and their belongings safe during an interstate move.  The good news is, with mild year-round temperatures, it is always a good time to move to beautiful Prescott, Arizona and begin enjoying life at Talking Rock.

Tips for our Talking Rock Realty Team on keeping safe from your move to Prescott.

Eight Moving Tips*

1. Research: Research your options as early as possible by checking a moving company’s complaint history and reputation through organizations like the Arizona Better Business Bureau. Trusted realtors and new neighbors may also have suggestions. For interstate moves between California and Arizona verify that a mover is federally licensed by calling the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) at (202) 385-2423.


2. Know your rights: The federal government publishes two helpful booklets detailing your rights in the moving process: “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move” and “Ready to Move.” Review this information before selecting a mover.  These booklets and other information are available at


3. Get it in writing: Most reputable moving companies will do an in-home visit to give you an accurate estimate, and will provide that estimate in writing. Moving companies may surprise you with hidden fees, so ask about all charges before selecting a mover, and find out what method they will use to calculate your bill. Make sure your written estimate includes all charges, so you have something to rely on if the mover later tries to change the deal.


4. Choose moving brokers cautiously: Ask moving companies if they are acting as a mover or a moving broker.  A moving broker may have a slick website or salesperson, but will hire a third-party moving company to actually move your goods, and you have no control over who the moving broker chooses.


5. Be slow to sign: Make sure you feel comfortable with the company’s reputation and double-check your written estimate before you put pen to paper. Don’t sign anything that you don’t agree to.


6. It pays to be present: Being present when your goods are loaded allows you to answer questions, give directions, and ensure that nothing is left behind. If possible, be present on delivery day in Prescott as well, as this will allow you to direct the movers and check your goods against the inventory list. Before signing the inventory list, carefully check to insure you have all your items, and immediately inspect them for damage.


7. No hostage loads: Some scammers create “hostage load” situations, in which the company will not release your goods until you pay extra (usually in cash).  In this situation, please call the Arizona Department of Public Safety’s moving hotline immediately at 602-223-5000.


8. Your own best mover: If you need to move medicine, valuables or precious heirlooms, it is better to take care of it yourself. Likewise, moving a few items in your own vehicle that you’ll need access to right away, such as a few outfits, toiletries and items for cooking or sleeping is a good idea.


For more consumer protection tips and news, visit the Arizona Attorney General’s Office website at Learn about the beautiful Sterling Ranch sites still available or by calling the Talking Rock sales team at  (928) 227 8819


If you love Prescott, but like your independence, visit Talking Rock Thirty minutes from downtown Prescott, this private, guard-gated master-planned community offers a variety of home sites and new customized homes, whether you want to live on the golf course or adjacent to Arizona State Trust Land. Home sites are ½ to 10-acres in size, and ready-to-move-in homes are also available.


*provided by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office

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