Own the West Your Way

March 3, 2021
March 3, 2021

Own the West Your Way

It is increasingly rare to find homes situated on parcels of land that extend beyond an acre, let alone several acres. The rarest find? Homes with acres of space within a community.

Talking Rock, a private golf community offering homesites with true acreage, is that rare find. And with acreage comes opportunity, not only to build a home that meets every need that can be imagined but to build a legacy in an unspoiled area of the West as land becomes an increasingly valuable and increasingly elusive asset to acquire.

At Talking Rock in northern Arizona, owners work with preferred Prescott home builders to create luxury retreats that capture the spirit of the area and immerse owners into a serene landscape that brings together nearby mountains, lush valleys, and active wildlife.

Open space, across two to 10-plus acres, allows owners to create a footprint that is all their own, even if the footprint they want to make on the land is as minimal as possible. The choice is up to you.

And the choice is one of the beauties of space, especially if you’ve never had it.

Here, away from rush hour and noisy neighbors, Talking Rock owners can create sanctuaries that allow for a quiet retreat alone, or with friends and family. With acreage, owners can build a homestead with a full, inviting guest house that creates opportunities for hosting and entertaining in a way that allows for visitors to experience their own private retreat.

Owners may also consider including stables or a corral, allowing equestrian enthusiasts to keep their horses on property so they’re ready for an exhilarating trail ride in the morning or during the afternoon’s magic hour.

At Talking Rock, we know it’s unique to find horse property within a luxury, amenity-rich community. That’s one of the reasons we offer it.

Acreage allows for creativity, too. There is no shortage of ideas that could be brought to life by owning your own slice of the West at Cooper Hawk Ridge or Sterling Ranch.

Space allows for extended patios, bringing you closer to the natural landscape around you. It allows for the inclusion of an additional garage, offering space to keep hobby cars or recreational vehicles that can be enjoyed along the many trails in the area. It may even inspire an artist studio, a home office, or a work area. The options are almost limitless.

Above all, though, the space is yours. It’s your piece of the West, your place to build your own legacy and capture the spirit of the region in a way that is becoming more difficult to do.

Acreage at Talking Rock is available now. But we know it won’t always be. 

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