Fall Activities: Mortimer Farms’ Pumpkin Fest!

October 3, 2023
October 3, 2023

Fall Activities: Mortimer Farms’ Pumpkin Fest!

Autumn in Prescott, Arizona is a splendid affair, and Dewey, located a mere seventeen miles from Prescott, is home to the beloved Mortimer Farms where you and your family can find a plethora of fun fall activities. Known for their year-round events, Mortimer Farms takes pride in crafting experiences that kindle spontaneity and may even establish cherished family traditions. Among their celebrated offerings, the Pumpkin Fest stands out as a highly anticipated annual event.

Running from mid-September through October, Mortimer Farms transforms into a veritable farm-themed wonderland, featuring over forty activities, exhilarating rides, and a variety of vendors. Keep an eye out for the live entertainment shows that pop up throughout the farm, adding an extra layer of excitement to their fall Activities.

However, the primary draw during these fall activities is undoubtedly access to the locally cultivated and abundant pumpkin patch. Whether your plans involve porch decoration, pie baking, or the carving of spooky jack-o’-lanterns, you’ll find the perfect pumpkin to suit your needs.

Another cherished tradition at Mortimer Farms is their expansive corn maze, seemingly endless in its twists and turns. Each year, the Mortimer Family selects a unique theme for the corn maze, meticulously designing the path when the cornfield is just inches tall, resulting in a spectacular design visible only from above. Can you navigate your way through the towering 10-foot-tall cornfield?

After selecting your ideal pumpkin and conquering the maze, a visit to the Mortimer Country Store is in order. Here, you can stock up on the freshest harvest produce, indulge in a homemade pot pie, or acquire some local honey to take a piece of Prescott home with you.

Mortimer Farms is but one of Prescott’s local gems, and with its four distinct and pleasantly temperate seasons, there’s ample time to explore the plethora of activities available to both adults and children.

Prescott, where autumn showcases its resplendent colors, the climate remains delightful throughout the year, and endless adventures await just around the corner. Prepare to fall in love with this enchanting locale.

For more information on the array of activities awaiting you in Prescott, we invite you to explore the local hotspots and plan your next outing here!

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