Mixed Custom Homesites Make Building Easy

June 3, 2021
June 3, 2021

Mixed Custom Homesites Make Building Easy

Building a custom home brings with it a range of emotions. There’s the excitement that comes with blazing your own trail and designing a home that fits you, precisely. And then there may be some stressors along the way, as you juggle permits and vendors, a builder, and an architect.

Building a legacy, without a doubt, comes with its own unique set of moving parts.

At Talking Rock, an exclusive golf community in Prescott, Arizona, we’re familiar with every step of the process. And our valued partnerships with preferred Prescott custom home builders allows you to bypass a few of the more tedious tasks that come with building a custom home while still enjoying the flexibility you desire.

Our Outlaw Collection fits that bill.

Not only does the Outlaw Collection, with its four customizable floorplans, make building a home easier by streamlining the architectural, approval, and construction process, it offers you flexibility throughout our private community. 

By choosing one of our mixed custom homesites, owners have the opportunity to work with home builders in Prescott, Arizona to build an Outlaw Collection home in a number of our neighborhoods. In other words, owners aren’t restricted to just one neighborhood with this collection, thanks to the versatility of the floorplans and our mixed custom homesites.

That means our Outlaw Collection, in essence, flexes a bit of a rebel spirit when it comes to the custom home building process. 

The collection’s flexible floorplans allow owners to add a bunkhouse for visits from guests or extend a patio to expand an outdoor footprint that captures incredible views of Granite Mountain, Prescott’s rugged landscape, and the wildlife that enjoy it.  And the mixed custom homesites allow those homes to fit into different settings.

The flexibility of the floorplans and the mixed custom homesites matches the lifestyle at Talking Rock, where owners and members are able to create a life on their terms. Premium amenities offer opportunities for recreation through championship golf or pickleball tournaments while social gatherings offering live music and culinary experiences provide opportunities to unwind and indulge.

The accessibility of the outdoors is a draw, too. Talking Rock owners have the ability to access hiking and mountain biking trails within minutes of their front door, and if they venture just a bit further, they’re able to drop a kayak or paddleboard in one of the areas nearby lakes.

And that lifestyle all circles back to the type of retreat an owner is looking to create. Whether it’s one that accommodates recreational equipment, one that makes room for friends and family, or one that prioritizes its ability to capture the landscape that surrounds it, the Outlaw Collection is a versatile choice for owners looking to customize without shouldering the entire weight of building a custom home.

To learn more about our mixed custom homesites and how they support the Outlaw Collection’s flexibility, connect with our real estate team.

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