How to stay social, safely

April 8, 2020
April 8, 2020

How to stay social, safely

Socializing is one of our food groups at Talking Rock. It’s how we’re built, it’s something we do every day in so many different ways.

We gather to play golf, almost any day of the year, thanks to Prescott’s favorable, high-country climate. We face off across a net for a friendly game of pickleball and we check in with each other at Coop’s, grabbing a coffee and an update on a friend’s family or their recent travels.

We come together – frequently — to celebrate our shared love of craft beers, our shared appreciation for Talking Rock’s proximity to trails and open space, and our common need to simply connect with each other and the landscape around us.

That’s why staying in is so difficult for us. At Talking Rock, we don’t do “in.” We do indoor-outdoor better, and we do outdoor the best.

But there are ways to socialize safely. While it isn’t ideal, it is the best way, at the moment, to follow recommendations, and stay sane and connected while doing it. Here are a few suggestions:

Fitness at a distance: We’re still holding our outdoor fitness classes, but we’re just asking those who attend to keep six feet between them and the next person. Classes are held every morning, except Sundays, at  9 a.m. on the driving range or in the parking lot, and we meet outside the fitness center at 8:50. Spin bikes are also available outside the studio for anyone to use, as long as they are sanitized before and after each use. If you’d rather stay inside, subscribe to the Talking Rock fitness channel on YouTube where we’re sharing exercises that can be done indoors. 

Virtual happy hour: Technology allows us to connect with friends and family in new ways all the time, which means now might be the right time to test drive a virtual happy hour. If you’re just meeting with one friend or one other couple, FaceTime or Instagram video chats would work just fine and require little planning. But, if you’re meeting with a larger social group, set up a Zoom meeting or a Google Hangout for a bunch of friends to join. Then, raise a glass and reconnect.

Start a virtual book club: It’s not easy to get every social group together in a virtual setting, but a book club could easily transition to the virtual world. In much the same way you would use video apps for a virtual happy hour, set a meeting for your book club, get together and discuss.

Workout online: A number of gyms and fitness instructors are holding online classes or making their online portfolio of classes available for a limited time to help us all stay active. While working out with strangers, on the TV, isn’t exactly socializing, it helps make it seem like we’re less isolated – especially if we see other people sweating along with us. Check with your gym to see if they offer online classes.

Viewing party: Netflix has created an extension that allows friends to watch movies together – and chat while doing it. Go to to learn how to host a viewing party for your favorite show or movie.

Hit the trails: The outdoors is still open, and it provides a fair amount of elbow room for the six feet of social distancing we’re being advised to keep for the time being. Biking and hiking are great ways to get outside, visit with friends at a distance and shake off the cabin fever. And up here, outside is always in abundant supply.

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