Fall Brings A Rainbow of Possibilities

October 14, 2020
October 14, 2020

Fall Brings A Rainbow of Possibilities

Fall brings with it a different kind of crunch underfoot at Talking Rock, just outside of Prescott, Arizona. While the area stays largely green thanks to an abundance of pines, those needles are set off by a colorful transformation in autumn as the changing deciduous trees in the region transition to their winter wardrobe.

So, for a few weeks, Prescott is treated to an organic rainbow of leaves. And owners at Talking Rock enjoy multiple opportunities to experience them, from their patios to nearby trails to the area’s reservoirs.

Fall’s spectacular show is within reach, by foot, by bike, or by a quick drive. Here are a few of our favorites.

Greenways Trail System, which runs along Granite and Miller creeks, enjoys a gorgeous green canopy of trees during the summer months. And come fall, those cottonwood trees transition to offer specks of color along the easy to access and easy to enjoy trail.

Watson Lake, an area that doesn’t lack for views of the unique formations created by the Granite Dells, gets a splash of oranges, reds, and purples this time of year, thanks to the area’s cottonwood and ash trees. And, with the water and the Dells, there are some unique opportunities for photos.

At Granite Basin Lake, the trees may reflect off the water, creating interesting photos of quiet solitude. And, to see colors, look low and high. Virginia Creepers and Fetid Goosefoots turn vibrant shades of red.  

Aspen Creek sounds like a great place to spot fall’s beloved golden canopy, but a better spot is a bit further down Copper Basin Road, according to avid outdoorsmen. With a mix of pines and aspens in the area, any hike would be beautiful this time of year.

Fall brings a new sense of possibility at Talking Rock, and the changing leaves are a beautiful, gentle reminder.

To feel a new season at Talking Rock for yourself, consider a Discovery Experience.

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