Discover Indoor-Outdoor Living in Prescott

September 9, 2021
September 9, 2021

Discover Indoor-Outdoor Living in Prescott

Part of the allure of Talking Rock, a private golf community in Prescott, Arizona, is its landscape and its location. Talking Rock, which served as a cattle ranch in a previous life, still benefits from decisions made by the landowner decades ago — when that landowner went against the grain and preserved the trees on the property instead of removing them as other ranches had.

That simple act of conservation, sprinkled with a dose of western rebellion, offers Talking Rock owners a rare, greener, and more shaded view of the area and only adds to the indoor-outdoor living vibe that is available and appreciated at about 5,300 feet in elevation.

At that elevation, Prescott enjoys the best of both worlds. It benefits from the dryness of the desert and the bounty from mountain storms while escaping the harsh extremes of any season. Prescott gets a taste of warm summer days and chilly winter evenings, but never overindulges. And the refreshing breeze that blows through is as reliable as anything can be.

That means that custom homes in Prescott are ideal for incorporating indoor-outdoor living spaces, ones that capture the environment and capture comfortably luxurious living at the same time.

The Ranch House at Talking Rock is a perfect example of what’s possible. As the community’s main dining destination, the Ranch House offers indoor and outdoor dining, as well as dining that is a little of both — thanks to doors that open and allow the outside, in.

The fresh air in Prescott, when allowed inside, creates a completely different mood and sets the tone for a grounded experience that connects everyone to the environment around them. It’s part of the reason why the Prescott custom home builders at Talking Rock incorporate retractable sliding doors and oversized glass whenever possible.

Because a large part of the lifestyle at Talking Rock revolves around finding a connection with the area’s rugged yet inviting landscape. Oversized windows and sliding doors, allowing our luxury homes to benefit from abundant natural light, also allow owners to appreciate how the sun fades to the horizon at day’s end and finds its way above it in the morning, creating a vibrant palette of desert colors every step of the way.

As for Talking Rock’s outdoor living spaces, they weave the comforts of indoor living into nights spent around a fire, mornings spent birdwatching or afternoons spent reading in the shade. With the help of Prescott custom home builders, owners at Talking Rock have the ability to create indoor-outdoor living spaces that speak to their every whim.

And Talking Rock’s floor plans also offer a similar appeal, with back patios that wrap around a home or front porches that offer a bit of privacy while still being connected to the natural environment.

At Talking Rock, there is no shortage of options for indoor-outdoor living. In Prescott, it’s hard to avoid — and no one really wants to. Learn what’s possible for you, here.

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