Community Garden Offers Connection To Land

November 11, 2020
November 11, 2020

Community Garden Offers Connection To Land

Talking Rock, an exclusive golf community, benefits from its location in a way that might be overlooked by those who don’t or haven’t yet reveled in the joys of a successful harvest. Prescott, Arizona’s mild climate extends a growing season that might otherwise be cut short at higher elevations or in areas that endure harsh winters.

“Harsh,” lucky for us, isn’t really part of our vocabulary here.

So, our community garden gets quite a bit of mileage, as our owners bring seeds to sprouts and sprouts to maturity. While our owners are grateful for the opportunity to plant and tend to crops of their choosing, we’re grateful that we’re able to offer this type of therapeutic and functional amenity. 

As a community that embraces its connection to the land, gardening gets our owners right down into it. There’s no getting closer to the land than by folding it over in your hands and manipulating it to accommodate the growth of winter greens, tomatoes, and beets. And, the practice has health benefits, too.

Experts agree that gardening is a good way to absorb critical Vitamin D, to decrease the risk of dementia, to improve your mood, to create opportunities for aerobic exercise, and to combat loneliness. Gardening also helps improve memory, build strength, and reduce stress.

 That’s a pretty powerful prescription.

 And there’s nothing more powerful than the haul our community garden pulls in. Our executive chef even uses some of the vegetables grown on-site to create farm-to-table indulgences that can’t be experienced anywhere else.

To connect with the land at Talking Rock through its community garden, consider a Discovery Experience. Reserve your two-night stay today.

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