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The luxury getaway you’ve been dreaming of — the one outside the city, away from smog and traffic, tucked in an elevated, seemingly untouched, Arizona landscape — could be more than a temporary retreat.

It’s entirely possible to make Talking Rock your new address as soon as next summer. Complete the following form to plan your visit.

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    A permanent retreat

    Right now, getting away has never sounded better.

    Talking Rock, a private golf community just outside of Prescott, offers a luxury lifestyle while lowering your cost of living, a novel prospect that boldly stands in contrast to the life you’ve come to know.

    With views of the unspoiled natural desert and the area’s rugged mountains, and proximity to trails and lakes and protected state land, Talking Rock provides a welcome and potentially-permanent disconnect from congested freeways, pollution advisories and seemingly unending taxes.

    It’s a permanent retreat, where owners work remotely, live freely and play frequently, creating connections with the landscape, with community amenities, and with neighbors who share similar, conservative values.

    Talking Rock is a getaway that stays that way.