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Building A Neighborhood Community: The Journey of Cooper Hawk Ridge II

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January 25, 2024

Building a neighborhood community is an art form, a symphony of thoughtful planning, design, and commitment. The tale of Cooper …


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Talking Rock is a Prescott retreat offering luxury homes and premium amenities as a way for owners to feel the gravity of the open space afforded here and at the same time discover connections with neighbors who quickly become friends.

Dewey, Arizona. Only seventeen miles outside of Prescott and home to the locally adored Mortimer Farms. Holding unique festivals and celebrations all year round, Mortimer Farms takes pride in creating events that spark spontaneity and may even begin a few family traditions. However, the Pumpkin Fest may be Mortimer Farms’ most sought-after event of the year. 

At Talking Rock, a luxury golf community in Prescott, Arizona, we know some owners have all kinds of experience in real estate and some have very little. 
It’s why our on-site professionals at Symmetry Realty Brokerage are so valuable. 

2022 is upon us! Here at Talking Rock, we care about the wellness of our members. No matter your age, there’s no better time to get started on your wellness goals than now. 
We have put together 5 New Year’s Resolution tips you can do in 2022 to be the best version of yourself. 

Symmetry Realty Brokerage understand the Prescott market and the specifics of Talking Rock. Brandy Reed, an associate broker, and branch manager at Talking Rock’s Symmetry Realty Brokerage office is one of those valued experts who regularly guides owners through their unique real estate journey. 

Even without large numbers of people joining you on the road or in the sky, it can be tricky, especially right now. If the last two years have taught us anything about traveling, it is the importance of being prepared.

No matter what your family celebrates, holiday traditions are one of the most special parts of the season. They create family bonds that can connect generation to generation. 

With homesites that offer 2.5, 5, and 10 acres of space, Sterling Ranch serves up a wealth of possibilities for owners looking for some latitude on how they are able to use their piece of the west. That kind of space is novel. 
Brian and Michelle Bennett, who purchased a parcel in 2019, are looking forward to the day that they can head east but still remain in the West, as they relocate from Southern California and experience a little more elbow room at Talking Rock.

At Talking Rock, honoring those who have sacrificed for us is engrained in our passion for community. To thank those who have made it possible for us to experience true freedom. That’s why every year Veterans Day begins with a complimentary round of golf for our local Veterans. A morning dedicated to providing a little R&R for those who have provided so much for our country.

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