Big City vs. Small Town

April 30, 2019
April 30, 2019

Big City vs. Small Town

Homeowners have mixed opinions on whether to choose a big city or a small town when deciding where to live. In big cities, there’s the attraction of the glamour, pace and sophistication. But for small town lovers, nothing beats the safety, serenity and family-friendliness of small-town life.

Residents of Talking Rock, a gated community located near small-town Prescott, say nothing beats this area. Here’s what they love about small-town life:

  1. Your Dogs and Kids Will be Happier in a Small Town. Face it, more room to roam equals a happy and healthy family. The backyard, garage and comfortable space between neighbors are all major pluses. You don’t have to pack your family up to find wide-open spaces—you’re already there!
  2. Traffic or Trails? You can avoid the traffic and noisiness of city life by hitting the parks and trails located within a small town. Opting for a quiet run on a nearby trail beats pushing your way through crowds at the shopping mall or city gym.
  3. Safety. According to 2014 FBI crime statistics, major cities had double the property crime rate and 2.5 times the violent crime rate compared to small towns. On the other hand, city dwellers are 20 percent less likely than most small-town residents to die from accidental injuries, so use caution with firearms and off-road vehicles.
  4. Route to Healthy Lifestyle. Usually the air is cleaner in a small town, there’s less exposure to respiratory diseases and a slower lifestyle decreases stress. All this adds up to a healthier way of living. You might have less access to public transportation, which can be a plus or minus, depending on your situation.
  5. Big Name or Everyone Knows Your Name? In the big city it sometimes feels like it’s all about the deal you’ve closed, the designer shoes you’re wearing or the big names you drop in networking, but in a small town people will actually know your name and likely won’t care about much more than your taste in beer, music or your golf swing.
  6. Budget Savings. Big cities might have greater career potential, depending on your industry. If you’re a dancer, journalist or engineer, a big town might give you more opportunities, but a small town provides the chance to be a “big fish in a small pond.” Small towns often have a relatively low cost-of-living with plenty of great budget-friendly perks. Groceries, house prices and property taxes all tend to be more economical in a smaller area.
  7. Quirky traditions. Many small towns have unique events that bring the town together. In Prescott, Whiskey Row is full of some of the state’s oldest history. Present-day Prescott celebrates the history of Whiskey Row with annual wild west events and community festivals.

While everyone’s lifestyle is different, knowing if you value small town or big city living makes home buying decisions much easier.

If you love Prescott, but like your independence, visit Talking Rock

Thirty minutes from downtown Prescott, this private, guard-gated master-planned community offers a variety of home sites and new customized homes, whether you want to live on the golf course or adjacent to Arizona State Trust Land. Home sites are ½ to 10-acres in size. 

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