A Summer Retreat Worth Reserving

June 22, 2021
June 22, 2021

A Summer Retreat Worth Reserving

Summer has a mood, a speed, and a different kind of energy. It’s slower, even if it does fly by. Afternoons linger but the months have a swift speed, somehow gaining momentum the closer the calendar gets to fall.

It’s why planning is important. While we’re bigger fans of a free-spirited energy that throws caution to the wind and goes with the flow, at Talking Rock we can appreciate the value in reserving one of our luxury Club Cabins in advance.

Especially this time of year.

As a private golf community in Prescott, Arizona, Talking Rock is an attractive destination any time of the year, but particularly during the summer months, as visitors crave a slight respite from the summer heat. And our Club Cabins, available as part of our premium Discovery Experience, are reminiscent of a luxury vacation rental that inspires the very real possibility of building your own retreat inside the Talking Rock community.

Our Discovery Experiences, which offer a two-day immersive introduction to Talking Rock, its premium amenities, and its unmatched hospitality, allow those who visit to consider how they would take advantage of living in a community that values balance and connection.

It offers a chance to experience our exclusive, championship golf course, an opportunity to indulge in spa treatments or lounge by our pool, and offers a seat inside at our bar and restaurant. And with our proximity to Prescott’s incredible open space, visitors have the opportunity to access spectacular hiking trails, cruise along challenging mountain biking routes, or paddle around stunning nearby lakes.

Most importantly, though, is the chance to consider what’s possible at Talking Rock, while experiencing the community as any owner would in an environment that effortlessly encourages a connection with the land and the neighbors in the community.

It is visiting Coop’s for a post-workout smoothie and grab-and-go lunch, appreciating the spirited play at the dog park, heading out for a round of golf or pickleball match, and returning to a luxury home tucked inside a premium community. 

A Discovery Experience brings floorplans, amenities, and ideas to life. They introduce visitors to the sprawling acreage available in our neighborhood of custom homesites known as Sterling Ranch, they give depth and scale to our homesites at Cooper Hawk Ridge and they help visitors visualize what life would look like at Pioneer Point.

It’s just the next step on the journey to building your own legacy at Talking Rock.

A Discovery Experience at our Club Cabins allows you to “live” at Talking Rock before actually living there, which is a novelty. With other communities, you never really know what life is like until you unpack and settle in.

At Talking Rock, we take pride in the lifestyle we’re able to experience, which is why we want to make it available to others who are considering a move to our exclusive community. Our Club Cabins offer the perfect preview.

Reserve your luxury retreat now, before summer availability runs out.


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