A Legacy Worth Investing In

May 19, 2021
May 19, 2021

A Legacy Worth Investing In

There seems to be a universal moment, for everyone, when we begin considering what we want, how we want to spend our time, where we want to be and who we want to spend our time with.

Do we want to stay in a busy city, where we settled to be close to work and the neighborhood school? Do we want to continue with a commute, with the city lights and noise, with a home that served its purpose for a certain season of life but is now one that doesn’t necessarily fit our vision for the future?

At Talking Rock, a private golf community in historic Prescott, Arizona, we understand because we see it all the time.

Where some people asking those questions traditionally decide to downsize their square footage, we see people who are looking to maximize their experience as they continue to build their legacy. We see owners who are looking to invest their hard-earned money into a home and a lifestyle that will offer their families and themselves opportunities to create lasting, meaningful memories.

That’s the most important part. 

Square footage, design and layout, setting, and add-ons are important but come second to the enduring experiences owners are eager to create. There is some romance, after all, in continuing your own legacy and building your own history alongside the nostalgia of Prescott, Arizona’s history.

The Wild West reigned here among dusty saloons and back-of-the-house poker rooms. And its rebellious spirit endures. The same could be said for owners who build at Talking Rock, with an adjusted storyline that doesn’t include quickdraws and bounties.

A legacy built here lives on. 

So, owners ask themselves if they want more space indoors, for large family dinners or neighborhood cocktail parties, or if they’d rather seek solitude on a large piece of land, across multiple acres, with expansive patios that overlook Prescott’s rugged landscape. Legacies look different from person to person, but Talking Rock is able to deliver on the unifying underlying desire to create a place that is everything an owner needs in that moment.

That may mean additional space for recreational vehicles. It may mean room for a horse corral, a fireplace to warm chilly evenings, a home office that cancels the need for a commute, a patio that puts wildlife and the landscape on center stage or a kitchen that allows for a few cooks to have opinions about an indulgent meal.

Bunkhouses allow for sleepovers and guesthouses allow for extended stays. Connections among neighbors create new, desired social circles and the seemingly endless opportunities for recreation here keep life in balance.

Every purchase is an investment. There is a value tied to the exchange, both financially and emotionally. So, the question becomes, what value do you place on the legacy you’d like to create?

And when do you start investing in it?

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