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8 Great Ways to Stay Fit

December 28, 2017
December 28, 2017

8 Great Ways to Stay Fit

Talking Rock is a fitness playground for our adventurous and health-conscious residents. From exhilarating bike trails and competitive games of pickle ball and golf, to not-so-serious water aerobics, our community provides the perfect environment to keep you at the top of your game 365 days a year.

Afterwards our full range of Swedish, sports, trigger point, deep tissue, hot stone and other massage services offered at The Barn Fitness Center will help you relax and be ready for a rematch.


Our Jay Morrish 18-hole championship golf course and state-of-the-art putting, chipping and driving range is designed to let you play at your own pace. Whether you’re learning the basics or have years of experience as a top-level golfer, we’ve got the facilities to bring out the best in your game. And Prescott’s mild seasons allow golfers the luxury of year-round play.

Talking Rock’s course blends beautifully into the natural topography of the area. Designed by world-renowned golf course architect, Jay Morrish, who has created more than 50 championship courses across the U.S., our facilities are designed to fit your personal goals.

Why golf? The game is both mentally stimulating and physically challenging. It’s a great way to keep your heart and your brain healthy. Golf also aids weight loss and reduces stress. The golden number of steps per day needed for weight loss is 10,000. An 18-hole round at Talking Rock easily exceeds this since walking the course is not only permitted, but encouraged, with short distance between greens and the next tee.

Pickle Ball

Staying fit in Prescott, Arizona with Pickleball at Talking RockHave you tried pickle ball yet? Surprisingly easy to learn, this exhilarating paddle sport combines a bit of tennis, badminton and Ping-Pong, and is great for any age or ability. The rules and game are simple for beginners, but it can quickly turn into a fast-paced competitive game for experienced players. The perforated polymer ball (similar to a wiffle ball) used in pickle ball is very forgiving and travels much slower than a tennis ball. Enjoy our two outdoor courts (open daily), plus paddles and balls we’ll loan for you and one or three friends.

Hiking, Running and Biking Trails

Get outside! Talking Rock offers an extensive and scenic trail system and our own hiking, biking and walking clubs. Choose to explore it using whatever method fits your style, whether it’s cycling, running or taking a leisurely stroll.

It’s easy to team up with new friends for fitness experiences. Mountain bikers and road cyclists within our biking club often arrange rides both within the community and out into the surrounding area. Talking Rock has several bikes for resident use – find them near the Fitness Barn. You can also learn bicycle maintenance or sign up for special outings in conjunction with Prescott-area riding clubs.

Walking and jogging can help build strong bones, as they are weight-bearing exercises. Both strengthen muscles, improve cardiovascular fitness and burn a large number of calories per session. Plus, it’s a great excuse to enjoy the spectacular high chaparral hills surrounding Talking Rock and de-stress with a walking or running buddy.

Bocce Ball

Combine the best of ski-ball, shuffleboard and bowling and you’ve got Bocce Ball, a great game for people of all ages, and skill levels. Talking Rock has a gorgeous bocce ball court of crushed oyster shells that encourages gathering with neighbors for low-impact, non-contact recreation. Teams can consist of one, two or four players challenging each other in this quick moving game that increases hand-eye coordination and strategy. Involving eight large balls and one small object called a pallina, a Talking Rock Bocce Ball match can be competitive or casual (with drinks and friends).


A brisk game of tennis is another great way to meet your neighbors. No matter what your skill level, playing tennis increases aerobic capacities, lowers your resting heart rate, increases bone density and improves muscle tone, strength and flexibility. We’ve got two courts and you can borrow a racquet or bring your own. Tennis at Talking Rock will keep you in shape whether your nine or 99! Plus, it’s another way to enjoy our beautiful Prescott, Arizona climate.

Group Fitness Classes and Personal Training in the Fitness Barn

Staying fit in Prescott with the Fitness Barn at Talking RockThe Fitness Barn at Talking Rock offers residents a wide range of activities and group classes that improve mind, body and spirit. Our capable and supportive staff love creating new classes based on resident’s needs, or a new fitness trend, but also offer Indoor Cycling, Kick & Pump (kick boxing), Pilates, Cardio Blast, Body Sculpt, Abs and Stretch and Yogalates.

Swimming and Water Aerobics

Talking Rock’s expansive (and heated) lap swimming pool offers residents swimming and water aerobics options at a comfortable temperature year round. Swimming laps or just relaxing in the water at the end of the day is an excellent way to relieve stress and recharge for tomorrow’s work and adventures. Swimming is a great low-impact, full-body cardiovascular fitness activity that builds endurance, lung capacity and increases muscle strength. Great for any age or fitness level, swimming and water aerobics can also be easily modified if recovering from an injury. An added bonus at Talking Rock, the bar is just a few steps from the pool.

Spa Services

Our residents love stepping into the spa to be pampered, whether it’s a deep tissue massage, reflexology or a Hot Stone massage, our licensed therapists offer eight different therapeutic massages, or can create a customized experience based on needs and preferences.  What a great way to treat yourself for improved mental and physical health. Studies show that the frequency of visiting a spa directly correlates with better quality sleep, fewer sick days and fewer hospitalizations. Treatments release serotonin and enhance the “feel good” factors. So chill out, relax and recharge at the Talking Rock Spa.

If you love Prescott, but like your independence, visit Talking Rock

Thirty minutes outside of Prescott, this private master planned community offers a variety of home sites including large home sites, custom builds, on the golf course, and ready-to-move-in options amidst Arizona’s finest high chaparral scenery.

Talking Rock, the rockin’ side of Prescott.

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